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 Hating "Doing my hair" line

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PostSubject: Hating "Doing my hair" line   Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:58 pm

Hello everyone! Rex here. Im using my phone. And im saying this cause there is 3 dudes *not icluding babies* and 3 dudettes in my house. half the time when i have 2 use the BR or take a showa. They "ladies" say they are doing there hair. NOW ITS TIME FOR THE HONEST PART. Most guys *besides the ones who dont have a hair fetish* doesnt really care for hair if aslong as its neat. Not 2 fancy and not 2 Poorly done. basicly it means that just keep it clean. For guys who say that. there like in the BRs for like a min or not even. we come out with a comb brush or pick acting like we did our hair.... when we didnt! we were in there for "the self prep talk".... more details on this coming soon!


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Hating "Doing my hair" line
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