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 Lolen Adventure : Chapter 7: Onslaught!

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Aer Dragneel

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PostSubject: Lolen Adventure : Chapter 7: Onslaught!   Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:00 pm

(Listen to this while it plays. see what I heard that encouraged me to write this one like this: )

Me: *runs* Where'd they go. I need a flying type for this...Er...

Blase: *Points toward bushes*

Me: Hm? Is there a pokemon in there?

Blase: *nods with determination*

Me: Hope this isn't gonna be bad *throws rock into bushes*

*Bushes shake and pidgey hops out*

Me: No time to check the dex *looks at pidgey* and sorry...*throws pokeball* ...1....2....*pidgey pops out* Too rash! Alright Blase! Use leaf tornado!

Blase: SniiiiiiVY! *uses leaf tornado*

Pidgey: Pid! Pid! *Panics*

Me: Now! Go pokeball!

*pokeball shakes 3 times*

*Pidgey pops out*

Me: Urggg. Blase! Use tackle now!

Blase: Sniiii! * use tackle and pidgey falls down*

Me: Now! Go pokeball!

*Pokeball shakes 3 times and catches pidgey*

Me: *Pops pidgey out* Sorry. I know you're weak but can you scout out for Team Rocket? They have a meowth and meowth balloon. It is recognizable.

Pidgey: Pidg! *Flies ahead*

Me: Come on Blase. Lets go. *runs ahead*

Blase: Snive!*Follows quickly*

Me: Any luck Pidgey?

Pidgey: *nods*


Jessie: Cheers to being lucky!

James: We will finally get to rest assured knowing that that trainer is too new to catch us!

Pidgey: Piddd! *sounds alarm to Victory*

Meowth: Looks like we've been spotted!

Me: Blase! Leaf tornado!

Blase: *Uses leaf tornado*

Jessie, James, and Meowth: AHHHGHGHGHGHG!

Stoerm: Cynda cyn!

Me: Stoerm! We're gonna get cha out! *looks to Blase* Now! Leaf blade!

Blase: Sniiivvyy! *Starts glowing*

Me: ? Are-are you evolving?


Blase has evolved in Servine!

Me: Great! Good going Blase now-

Jessie: *opens cage and grabs cyndaquil and lets swoobat out* Now swoobat, put your sharp wings up against this cyndaquil's neck.

Swoobat: swwwooo! *does so*

Me: Errrr...*thinks of an idea* ...Pidgey! Use quick attack on swoobat!

Pidgey: Piddgggeeeeeeeeeee!

Swoobat: Swoo?Swoo? *panics and flees*

Pidgey: *lands on Jessie's shoulder*

Jessie: Hm...?

Me: PecK!

Pidgey: Pidge! Pidge Pidge! *uses peck*

Me: Stoerm! Finish them! Flamethrower!

Stoerm: Cyndaquillllllllllllllll! *uses flamethrower*


Jessie: We were so close...

James: And now we are so far away...

Meowth: For a rookie, she suwre is good!

J,J&M: We are blasting off again!

Me: *picks up Stoerm and hugs him* I'm so glad you're back!

Stoerm: Cynda~!

Me: and look! Blase evolved and we got a new friend! Oh...I haven't nicknamed it yet...Have I? Hmm....I'll name you...Ey! For the "ey" in pidgEY!

Ey: Pidge!!

Me: I'm glad we're all back together now! Lets head back into town now! And get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us!


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PostSubject: Re: Lolen Adventure : Chapter 7: Onslaught!   Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:17 pm

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Lolen Adventure : Chapter 7: Onslaught!
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