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 Chapter Six/one - moving on

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PostSubject: Chapter Six/one - moving on   Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:59 pm

The following day Aurath got his things together and made his preperations to leave the town, stopping off at the main desk in the pokemon centre to pick up Digit from Nurse Joy and then stopping by the pokemart for supplys.

Simple things would be needed mostly, potions and things like that, food mainly as Aurath would need to eat and Aurath found it was always better to be ready for the worst if need be.

Aurath made a last few stops in town, in different places, mainly the beach, still looking for anything that might be a promising pokemon to take with him, but not were of much intrest to him.

Finally withthe sun hanging at its highest point Aurath made for the next route and toward his first Gym battle. A mixutre of excitement and antiscipation building inside of him as he started out into the next area.

Maybe a new friend waited there, a new ally. He just didn't know and that was what Aurath loved about this life, a pokemon trainer was never sure what might happen a few steps down the road.

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Chapter Six/one - moving on
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