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 Jimmy Chapter 8:new moves and the unsure zangoose

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PostSubject: Jimmy Chapter 8:new moves and the unsure zangoose   Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:10 pm

Chapter 8

The next morning jimmy wakes up early and goes out to find ingredients for breakfast.While he`s out looking for berry`s he notices sunshore city is pretty close and the pokemon center is on the edge of town.Hopeing they have what he needs goes to the pokecenter.He finds more then expected and gets enough supply`s to last a few days.He gets a few jugs of water, a couple dozen berry`s and a large stock of potions and pokeballs among other usefull supply`s, enough to last a few days of travel without having to return to a city.

Jimmy heads back to the camp site he doesn`t really like cooking but can cook pretty good when he wants to.back at the camp site and along green path everyone is still asleep, jimmy calls out beast to help make a fire he calls out his other pokemon to help with the meal to but taillow and pichu are stubborn and stay asleep.The smell of the meal jimmy and his pokemon are prepareing smells delicious,it wakes over half of green path even wild pokemon awoke to the smell.A wild zangoose is sneaking around a tree not far from the camp site once it hops into the open jimmy has blaze attack. unfortunately blaze gets knocked out and the zangoose charges jimmy.
*out of no where*
Tasha:Go bambam!! use aqua tail on zangoose.
*attack hits and sends zangoose flying into a tree*
Tasha:now use watergun!!
*tasha throws pokeball after watergun strikes the wild zangoose* zangoose is caught.
Jimmy:thanks but dang it i`ve been wantting to catch a zangoose since we got on this route and i seen one.
Tasha:sorry but blaze was knocked out and it was about to attack you,i also need more pokemon you are getting ahead of me.
Jimmy:yeah true, im just flustrated blaze was knocked out. here you want some breakfast it got done while bambam was battleing zangoose.i got pokemon food from gary to,theres enough for everyone.
Tasha:cool thanks! come on out everyone!!
Zorua:ruf ruf!
Zangoose:zang zangoose? *has puzzled look turns and walk over by a tree and sits alone*
Tasha:zangoose whats wrong?
Jimmy:its probably bummed out about looseing to bambam

*tasha goes and sits next to zangoose*
Tasha:hey i know its not fun looseing but now your part of the family,look back there everyone is your freind now.
zangoose:zang zangoose! *unsure of what to do*
Tasha:would you preffer if i brought your food over here and sat with with you?
zangoose: Zang zangoose!! *seems happy*
Tasha:alright ill be back in a second

Tasha grabs the bowl of food and sits under the tree with zangoose for a while.jimmy looks after her pokemon knowing they have to ease zangoose into the group,he gets in alot of training with his pokemon and helps out tasha by working on her pokemon`s moves. Tasha`s chimchar chimmy learns flame wheel while training with beast jimmy`s charmander, beast also learns a new move dragon rage.After a few hours zangoose walk over and wants to battle,brutus accepts the challenge.

Jimmy:this should be fun
Tasha:yeah and good for zangoose.will help see what he knows and can do in battle.
Jimmy:yep,now brutus zangoose is new to tasha take it easy at first buddy
Tasha:ill go first. zangoose swords dance.
*zangoose starts moving its hand in a beautiful pattern*
Jimmy:brutus use tackle!!
Tasha:use slash zangoose.
*the attacks land at same time sending both pokemon sliding backwards*
Tasha:good now use crush claw
Jimmy:use sand attack then dodge crush claw with quick attack.
Tasha:good defense but you can`t hide from this, use crush claw on the ground zangoose.
*the ground shakes and starts to crack,brutus looses its footing*
Tasha:now`s your chance use crush claw on eevee!!
-brutus is knocked out-
Jimmy:good battle,zangoose is strong.
Tasha:yeah im supprised bambam could beat it but blaze and brutus couldn`t guess i got lucky.
Jimmy:yeah,im hungry again sunshore city isnt far from here do you want to stay camping or head to town?
Tasha:hmmm camping is fun but we will be forced to camp alot later down the road in are journey itd be nice to sleep in a bed one last time.
Jimmy:alright lets go.

They pack up all there things let there pokemon play for a few more minutes and head for sunshore city.on the way to the city they see a poster announceing the sunshore city pokemon contest but its not untill a couple days later they agree to stay in and around sunshore city, it gets tasha excited its her first chance to enter a contest and its only the first city along there travels.Jimmy agree to help her work on some moves for the contest and fills her in on chimmy learning flame wheel.

End of chapter 8.

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Jimmy Chapter 8:new moves and the unsure zangoose
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