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 Chapter Seven - Gym preperations

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PostSubject: Chapter Seven - Gym preperations   Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:23 pm

Aurath spend a good few days on the White Path. As the name explained the path up to the city was made from white stone, beautifly laid down, the path must have been maintained as there were no creakes or grass growing between the stones like there were in moth other paths Aurath had traveled in the past.

Aurath battled with Porygon, the faught hard, Porygon seemed to feed from Auraths determination. He battled hard and dispite a few close calls kept coming out on top.

Aurath even started accepting challenges from passers by beating most of them and having a few close loses, but this didn't seem to upset Porygon at all, it just seems to make the little Pokemon more relentless.

Aurath just finished a close battle between a Flareon and a trainer named Justin when Digit learned his next more. As normal Aurath thanked the trainer and the trainer left. Aurath called Digit over as he normal would but this time the little porygon simply bleeped excitedly and began to glow lightly, the scratches on his body faded until there was nothing left. Digit began to race aroung happily at his new found skill.

Aurath: you learned recover! You clever thing!

Digit sqeeked this time a skeek of joy.

Now though Aurath, now were ready for the gym leader, we can beat them, Digit has the power to heal which should offer some suprise....

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter Seven - Gym preperations   Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:21 pm

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Chapter Seven - Gym preperations
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