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 Pokemon Glitches

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PostSubject: Pokemon Glitches   Fri May 25, 2012 6:28 pm

For those of you who didn't know, have forgotten, or want to relive the early days of pokemon (red and blue) there are two glitches that can make your game easier. (WARNING: glitches can cause damage to your game. Only exploit them at your own risk.)
The first glitch is the famous "Missign No" glitch. This glitch will give you infinite items, pkmn over lv 100 and a harder Blaine to fight. Here's what to do:
First, make sure what ever item you want cloned is in the sixth (6) slot in your item list. Talk to the pkmn catcher guy in Viridian City and have him show you how to catch pkmn. Fly to Cinnabar Island and surf along the right coast (up/down). There you will find Missgn No who glitches your items and pkmn over 100 and high lv Blaine. This glitch also messes up your Hall of fame records, though, and lv 255 pkmn drop back to 100 when used in battle.
The second glitch is the "Safari Zone" glitch, allowing you to battle and capture SZ pkmn on Seafoam Island.
First enter SZ and head toward the area that has the pokemon you want. Waste all your steps there. Leave to the beach below Fuschia and use repels to keep Tentacool away. (any wild encounter negates the glitch). When you get to Seafoam Island surf along its coast and there you will encounter the pkmn from the SZ. I don't know what drawback this glitch has because I've never found one, but I do know that both of them work. I have used them multiple times.
If anybody else knows of any other glitches for r/b or any other pokemon game, post it here.
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Pokemon Glitches
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