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 Series 2: Lolen Adventure: Chapter 13: Watch the Grass Grow!

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Aer Dragneel

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PostSubject: Series 2: Lolen Adventure: Chapter 13: Watch the Grass Grow!   Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:01 pm

I yawn quietly as I watch my pokemon play. After traveling through the forest for awhile, I found that it is about time we took a break. Jinx and Illusion were tackling each other while Ey preened himself. Stoerm and Sun were squaring off and poor Blase tried to prevent them from fighting. I sighed and went over to where Stoerm, Sun, and Blase were. They stopped and left the scene almost immediately. I went back to where I had been and slowly began to fall asleep.

Stoerm was fast asleep in a tree near Jinx when Illusion and Sun began talking.

"Hey! I dare you to trow mud at Ey." Illusion dared Sun. Sun looked confused.
"Why would I want to do that?" Sun asked. Illusion shrugged.
"Maybe if you do it, Stoerm will respect you more?"
"Why would he respect me for throwing mud at another team member?" Sun asked. Illusion began thinking.
"Because...Stoerm said he didn't like him?"

Blase began overhearing. "Seems a little far-fetched if you ask me." she said.

"You aren't in this, dough head!" Illusion shot an insult at Blase as well as some mud.

"Blase is right...I don't think that's a good idea." Sun walked off and Blase wiped the mud off and went the other direction. Illusion growled.
"What am I thinking! I could just turn into Stoerm and throw mud at him!" Illusion chuckled, " I feel stupid."

"My feathers...are....perfect!" Ey cooed.


Mud splattered all over Ey.

"No! NOOOOO! I spent hours! HOURS! Preening my feathers! Now look!" Ey looked around, "You!"

Stoerm looked at Ey and laughed, "You could always...air dry!"

Ey was infuriated and began to advance on Stoerm, "You lousy peace of work!"

"Seeya!!!" Stoerm ran behind the tree where Stoerm napped and changed back, "Ha! This'll be fun to watch!"

The pokemon already began to gather around to see what would happen. But not a togepi or evolution in site. Even though this forest was filled with them.

Stoerm rubbed his eyes and looked down, "What'd I miss?"


"Hey. Calm down! I have no idea what you are talking about!" Stoerm was confused. Ey was enraged. Blase and Sun looked at each other and then at Illusion.

"I'll give you a five minute head start. Get running." Ey offered.

"Why am I running?!?!?!And you know I don't know what 5 minutes is! I'm not good at math!" Stoerm's back flared up.

"1...2...3...4...5...!" Ey screeched and Stoerm ran, " Five minutes...five seconds! Apparently I'm bad at math too!"

Blase started after them, " Ey! Wait up!" Sun went over to Illusion and dragged him in the direction that Blase had went.

"LEMMMMMA GOOOOOO" he whined. Sun ignored him.


"Ey! Calm down! I swear! I've been asleep the whole time!' Stoerm yelled as he ran.

"Lier!" Ey hissed.

"He isn't!" Blase yelled from behind. Ey paused.
"He's innocent. You were fooled by an illusion!" Blase said.

"Ha! Yeah right! If you really think that this mouse-"

"Enchida" Stoerm corrected.

"Enchida- whatever- is innocent. Then battle your weakness, Blase. Me."

"I've battled and beat you before (Technically)! I can do it again!" Blase said with a glint of nervousness.

"When he was a pidgey! I hope you are prepared to fight at a disadvantage. He doesn't believe anyone unless he feels the are equal or better than him." Stoerm yelled to Blase.

(Note: Blase is weaker both by type and level "Blase(Servine): Level 34(F)
Ey(Pidgeotto):Level 37 (M)"
"Thanks! I think I got that part already!" Blase retorted. Ey chortled.

"Get ready...here I come!"


Pidgeotto Ey challenges Servine Blase to a battle!


Blase stays put as Ey advances with an Aeriel ace. Blase uses protect at the last minute, knocking Ey off guard. Blase quickly uses leaf storm and Ey only takes 10 damage. Ey uses wing attack and directly and critically hits Blase. 50 damage! 46 HP left for Blase. Blase jumps up and uses iron tail! Ey takes 39 damage! Ey's defense decreases! Ey use wing attack! Blase takes 43 damage! Blase has only 3 HP left!


"Errr." Blase gasps as she struggles to get up, "Ey. You get blinded by anger and can't see the facts clearly enough...I also find it dumb that I have to battle you to show that I am "worthy" enough to show you the truth!" Blase gets up and begins to glow.

Ey backs up and looks surprised as Blase gets to her final evolution, "..."

Blase uses aqua tail! Ey takes 57 damage! Ey is defeated!


"Woah...fine...I'll listen." Ey said breathlessly. Blase grinned.

"Well first of all...Illusion was trying to convince Sun to throw mud at you and convince you it was Stoerm. Sun said no and Illusion then did it himself using his ability. He was the Stoerm that threw mud at you. Do you understand?"

Ey didn't look convinced.

"Here you are!" Sun huffed as the zorua yelped from her dragging him by his head tuff.

"Yes! I did it! I did it! Let me go! Please let me go!" pleaded Illusion. Sun let him go. Both Ey and Stoerm looked at Illusion.

"Five minute head start?" Stoerm asked. Ey nodded.

"One..." Ey started counting.
"Two..." Stoerm added.
"Three..." Blase smiled.
"Four..." Sun counted.
"FIVE..." they all said as they chased Illusion back to camp.


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PostSubject: Re: Series 2: Lolen Adventure: Chapter 13: Watch the Grass Grow!   Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:31 am

cool side story!

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Series 2: Lolen Adventure: Chapter 13: Watch the Grass Grow!
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