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 Rex Leader of Team Alpha. I wont let go. Ch 1.

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PostSubject: Rex Leader of Team Alpha. I wont let go. Ch 1.   Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:30 pm

In the Old City that was burned down a boy by the name of Rex stilled lived there. He lived there with help of his Faithful pokemon of his brothers Nex. That pokemon is Zorua Named Zora. They lived in there burned down city till one faithful day.

Rex and Zora are sitting in what use to be Rex's room. All of the sudden someone bursts threw the door, Rex knew that it was a person who burned down his home, with the Doorway blocked he grabbed Zora and jumped out the Window. Landing on his feet Rex started to run with Zora in his hands.... till he found his self running into three more members who burned down his town. Rex had no other choice to face them head on. But with it being three on one, Zora had no chance, Rex picked Zora back up and started to back away slowly.... but found himself pinned behind a tree... With no where to run Rex stood there.... holding Zora....

Grunt #1 : Kid just hand over the Zorua and you wont have to get hurt
Rex : I'll never let go of Zora.
Grunt #3 : Fine we'll beat on you till you let Zorua go. Carnivine, Use Vine Whip on that brat

Rex gets attacked by Carnivine, Ariados, and Crustle. But even though there attacks hurted Rex greatly, Rex never let go of Zora. His will was stronger then the pain that he faced.

Grunt #2 : You just wont let go will you

Rex gets back on his feet. His eyes filled with nothing but will power.

Rex : I'll never give Zora away, His the only thing I have left.... After what you guys did....
Grunt #1 : Well were sorry but we had to. We were given orders by our leader to do it.
Grunt #3 : How about you join us kid? you seem strong enough to join us.
Grunt #2 : Agreed you have what it takes to become probably one of Team Novas greatest members.

Rex eyes just turn into pure hatred.... the wounds that he just faced was nothing compared to what he just heard.

Rex : Join you...... after what you guys have done! I would rather face death then join you.

All of the sudden a thought went through one of the Grunts head

Grunt #2 : Guys... we have to get that Zorua soon or we will be the ones facing death.
Grunt #1 : Oh Man your right.... we have to get that Zorua before......
Grunt #1 : Oh man... were to late...

Rex is wondering whats going on and is thinking is that the person who busted into the room?

??? : There you grunts are. And look you didnt get the Zorua from the Brat.
Grunt #3 : Were sorry Nega..... Its just that...
Nega : Quiet. I dont have time with your foolishness. Hey kid whats your name.
Rex : .... My name.... My name hasnt been asked or said in such a long time.... Well for asking ill give you an answer... My name is Rex...

A strange looks grows on Nega's face

Nega : Rex huh, That name ive heard it before.... but from where
Rex : You might be confusing me with... someone else...
Nega : Maybe your right... Well anyways give us that Zorua
Rex : His name is Zora.... And I will never give them to scum like you.
Grunt #2 : Kid dont upset Nega you dont know what shes capable of.
Nega : Shut up. Stupid Grunts. And Im sorry did you just call us scum? Your definitely not the Rex i heard about. No point having you around. Go Garchomp! Use Giga Impact

Rex Stands still unable to move but not do to fear but do to the injuries he faced while the grunts while attacking him. Rex looks Garchomp in the face showing that he isnt afraid though.

??? : Go Alakazam and use Protect.

The Mysterious Man's Alakazam's Protect shielded Rex from Garchomps Giga Impact.

Nega : Who was that!

The Mysterious Man walks from behind the shadows of the trees.

Nega : Hm. Professor Bark. Getting into a battle with you right now would be risky since i only brought one pokemon with me. Hm.... Fine Grunts Lets Retreat for now.
Professor : That was a close one. Hey are you alright can you move?
Rex : No... i cant move....
Professor : I see.

Professor Bark picks Rex up and puts him in his car.

Professor : Lets take you and your Zorua to the Poke Center.... Um whats your name?
Rex : My name is Rex.... and thank you for saving me and helping me protect Zora....
Professor : It was no Problem. Those Team Nova members are a handful though. Rex may I ask you how did you get Zora?

Professor looks over and to see that Rex had passed out.

Professor : I guess I'll have to ask you when you wake up.


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PostSubject: Re: Rex Leader of Team Alpha. I wont let go. Ch 1.   Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:58 pm

study next chapter...

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Rex Leader of Team Alpha. I wont let go. Ch 1.
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