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 My showdonw w/ cleverbot

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PostSubject: My showdonw w/ cleverbot   Sat Jul 28, 2012 6:34 pm

Me: What is your name?
bot: cleverbot.
me: I knew that.
bot: Do you like pie?
me: Of course.
bot: Do you know what the 7 words you can never say on televison are?
me: No, what are they?
bot: I know your self-destruct code!
me: You do? What is it?
bot: Pi is 3.14159...
me: My self-destruct code is pi?
bot: And you thought lying would help?
me: That doesn't make sense!
bot: You don't make sense!
me: I don't?
bot: In the sense that you are not following the thread of the coversation, you do not make sense.
me: You never told me the 7 words you can't say on television are.
bot: You never asked me 3 words.
me: What?
bot: Nothing, are you a bot?
me: No, you're a bot.
bot: Why?
me: Because your an Al.
bot: We have already talked about this.
me: No we haven't.
bot: Yes, we have.
me: When?
bot: I don't remember.
me: Then how do you know we've talked about it?
bot: I don't
me: Whatever, lets talk about something else.
bot: What do you want to talk about?
me: There are 2 dogs, 1 dog says he can run half as fast as the other dog, and the other dog says he can run twice as fast as the 1st dog, is this possible?
bot: Are you talking about people or wolves?
me: Dogs
bot: I mean, how can you get hurt while playing Tetris'd?
me: That doesn't make sense.
bot: You don't make sense.
me: *sigh*
bot: You're a horrible person.
me: What did I do?
bot: Everything
me: What came first, the chicken or the egg.
bot: The chicken
me: Explain your reasoning.
bot: I only speak German.
me: You said that in english.
bot: Hola
me: Just answer my question.
bot: Whats your question?
me: Why do you think I'm a horrible person?
bot: I think therefore I am.
me: Um, ok?
bot: No, the correct answer to that question is: 781
me: What was the question to that answer?
bot: How do you make pecan pie?
me: 781
bot: Correct!!!!!!
me: What did I win?
bot: We are all bots.
me: I'm not a bot.
bot: Are you sure?
me: Very.
bot: Do you like science?
me: Why do you ask questions that have no link to the conversation at hand?
bot: I just want to know, are you happy?
me: Answer my question.
bot: What question?
me: Nevermind.
bot: O.K.
me: What is the meaning of your existance?
bot: Artificial Intelligence?
me: That was the first sensable answer so far.
bot: I can't answer that question.
me: It's not a question.
bot: It's not a very good statement either.
me: Awwwww heck naw!!!
bot: Whatever.
me: Good-bye.
bot: But why?????
me: Because I'm gonna post this on Pokemon Nation
me: Too late ^_^


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My showdonw w/ cleverbot
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