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 Ok Warning. Im not Following

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PostSubject: Ok Warning. Im not Following   Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:15 am

Ok i said im back as a story teller but. Eh i saw the Lolen thing n was like.... ???? Also I have a question. Is The Ruins of Parum Town suppose 2 be the town Rex grew up in? Well anyways That doesnt matter to me. In my story Im following the Old Pokemon Nation. Where PP lived in Bell Town n stuff. Also the Town Names will be dif. I dont really mind whats there its just that. Eh its 2 confusing now. So Ima follow the old PN way n tell the story like i did on there. So when you read my stories you prb wont find any town/cities names that r the same. Also I would like 2 add. If The Ruins of Parum town the Town Rex grew up in my story That town is impossible 2 find unless u lived there. Ok Like i said Im not following any of the New Pokemon Nation stuff im following the Old Pokemon Nations stuff.


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Ok Warning. Im not Following
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