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 Stoerm's Adventures: Chapter Fifteen- Betrayal of a friend's trust.

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PostSubject: Stoerm's Adventures: Chapter Fifteen- Betrayal of a friend's trust.   Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:30 pm

Ash doesn't know what to do. He tried to sneak in to Team Nebula's Iris City base. He wanted answers, people were disappearing, and Ash being Ash, took it into his hands. Only, He was caught. At least Pikachu got away before Nebula got him. It's a good thing he didn't have any other Pokemon with him. Now this teen and quite possibly some of his friends, and no doubt other people as well, are here. He thought it was because of him, but from what Cyrus just said, it isn't. Also, what was with that last part? Maybe soon we will all be free? What was Cyrus on about, Ash had no idea. But enough of that, Stoerm is in trouble. More than he knows.

And so he was. Stoerm woke up sitting in a chair. He was in a dark room, a table in front of him. No one else to be seen. He had a quick look around the room, there was something weird about this place. There are no windows. Yes that's true, no windows, but something still feels strange to Stoerm.

Me:"What?! Where's the hell has the door gone?"

Stoerm being Stoerm, noticed there were no windows before his expert perception picked up there was no visible door.

Me:"Well, first things first. Gotta find a way out and get my Pokemon back. Then I can find Braven."

Stoerm made up his mind to find a door. After nearly half an hour searching for one, he gave up.

Me:"There is no door! How did they get me in here?!"


Stoerm swiveled around to see what could make that kind of noise in this small room. The light in the room now on, sitting at the other end of the table was none other than Braven.

Me:"Oh thank goodness you are alright I-"

Braven:"Shut up boy! There is no time for your insolence right now. We have more important matters to discuss."

Me:"What...What's gotten into you Braven?"


I believe Stoerm just got a rather nasty welp on the backside of his head. Stoerm, being gentle in nature as he is, on a side note that is why he wants to become a Professor, instantly fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

Braven looked displeased by this, while Stoerm was confused about what had hit him.

Braven:"Cyrus, what did I tell you about being too rash?"

Cyrus:"Sorry sir, but he was being disrespectful."

Braven ignored him, and started explaining what was happening to Stoerm.

Me:"What's going on here Braven..." Stoerm managed to say a few words with the little strength he could muster.

Braven:"You see, Stoerm, things big are happening in this region. Recently rediscovered by the United Regions leader, the current Prime Minister of Hoenn, there are many secrets here. Perhaps I should start from the very beginning.
"You see, Team Nebula has always been there. Always lurking in the shadows. When the famous Ash Ketchum made Giovanni disband Team Rocket, we were there. We stayed out of it, all the while growing stronger. We would then go on to accept over a thousand new members from the disbanding of Team Rocket. As time went on, even Giovanni came back, and failing at Team Rocket again, joined Team Nebula as one of our most powerful executives.
"The man behind you, Cyrus, was the leader of Team Galactic, whom you may have heard of. Ash defeated them as well, it was by chance we were there. The same thing with Team Rocket happened with Team Galactic. And so we started to follow this boy, all the while getting stronger by recruiting those he defeated, his rivals, and other criminals.
"And then we happened upon a Legendary Pokemon. Palkia. Master of Space itself. We tried to battle it, to capture it. For if we did, we would be all powerful; but we failed. Palkia spared our lives that day, out of pity of how weak we were. In exchange for our lives, we now serve him. Time went on, and we happened upon your mother and Aunt. Both with no hesitation joined our Team-"

Stoerm:"GOOD GOD YOU TALK TOO MUCH, and you are obviously lying about my mother and aunt; they would never be criminals!!"

Braven, ignoring Stoerm, finished talking.

Braven:"Then Palkia warned us of you. Your very existence threatens him. Your destiny being that you must befriend the legendary weather trio of Hoenn, the only Pokemon strong enough to defeat him. So we set out to find you. By chance I ran into you, and now-"

Braven looked past Stoerm in horror. Stoerm took a moment to register this emotion on his face.

Stoerm wheeled around, and saw Cyrus on the ground, out cold. Standing in a doorway, which was well hidden when shut, was none other than Ash Ketchum with his Pikachu on shoulder.

Ash:"Pikachu Thunderbolt!"

Stoerm ducked down as the thunderbolt struck Braven, knocking him out.

Ash:"Come on Stoerm, we have to get out of here!"

And so Stoerm rushed out with Ash, neither one the wiser about the huge change about to happen to Stoerm, when they flew out the exit, into the outside world finally, they ran into a brick wall. Both boys fell down, and Stoerm looked up. This wasn't a wall, this is a person!

???:"What are you two doing here? Never mind that, I'm Barlow, and we've got to get you out of here quick. It's dangerous here."

best post ever ^
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PostSubject: Re: Stoerm's Adventures: Chapter Fifteen- Betrayal of a friend's trust.   Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:45 pm



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Stoerm's Adventures: Chapter Fifteen- Betrayal of a friend's trust.
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