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 Mother Moon

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PostSubject: Mother Moon   Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:41 pm

Vance was hit by a sudden searing pain down his back. The wounds from the month before began to burn white hot. The a sudden rage and agony flooded his mind. Vance struggle to fight with this new, wild, primal power growing inside him. His vision blured, focused sharply, sharper than his eyes should have been able too on the army stood before him, the swords and chain mail glistening in the silvery moonlight.

The pain died slightly, Vances vision cleared again. Only to be replaced by a sudden, second terrable wave of pure agony. This time the pain was so intense that Vance had to fight to stay on his feet. He screamed as he felt the long deep scratches down his back tear open again. His spine began to distort, forcing its way up, seemingly getting large. Vance felt life ke was being ripped appart from the inside, Slowly his arms and legs began to distort, the pain forcing Vance to scream ever louder, the streaching, snapping of bone and ripping of musle. He could feel every twich, every tiny change. Musles groing larger, Bones breaking, growing and healing, only to break and grow again. His fingernails began to bleed, his face forced its way forward on his head. Each unimaginable pain, each break, tear and distortion. All so terrably excrustiating, yet the intense burning of the scratchs were more painful still.

Vance felt as his arms grew longer, his legs, his whole body lefting further from the soft grass below. He fell to his hands and watched in terror as his nails grew thick, long and dark, the blood flowing freely. The pain became less breafly as he bacame aware that he was dribling, he looked at the pool or crimsion liquid glisening before a loud breaking broke his thoughs, the pain from his jaw as it broke, he left it forcing its way further forward on his face, he felt as his teeth grew, long and sharp.

Primal, so primal, the power he felt within the pain, the rage and lust for blood and meat began to replace the pain. He bagan to feel the moon on his skin, her soft kissing touch of silvery light, the dirt under his hands and feet, the smell..... thew smell of iron, dirt and fear filled his nostrals like never before. He drang in the smell..... So much power! A few more cracks, Vance felt so powerful, but the pain was so intence! He roared in rage and agony once more, this time his voice replaced with a deep, unearthly howl!

He stood before the army, a mountain or fur, musle, rage and fury. Fur as black as night, eyes keen and bloody red. Teeth yellowy and as large as a short sword. He was a a horrific, terrable monster, unearthly.

Vance looked at the small men now stood infront of him, he felt so stong, so large and powerful. He felt drunk on this power. One last loud snapping of the monsters spin as it rose to its hind legs, and vance passed out. Oly the primal beast was left, left to feed.

The screams, fear and blood of the night of Mother moon.

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PostSubject: Re: Mother Moon   Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:13 pm

O____O mooaare

Feeling lucky punk? - Ironhide

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Mother Moon
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