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 BlueDude Vs Rex the Tyrant

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PostSubject: BlueDude Vs Rex the Tyrant   Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:13 am

After making it past some of the strongest officers in the Universe, BlueDude finally meets Rex face to face. Rex appears to be sleeping in his throne, as if he isn't worried about the current assault facing him. BlueDude then charges at Rex with his Sword. Rex grabs the sword an inch away from his face with his eyes still closed

Rex : You will have to do better then that.

Rex then throw BlueDude, BlueDude hitting the wall making cracks in it, Rex then charges forward to attack BlueDude, BlueDude dodges it but sees that Rex's eyes are still closed, the impact Rex had to the wall was devastating, BlueDude could barley scratch it however Rex made the entire wall collapse.

BlueDude : I see.... your toying with me aren't you, that's why your eyes are closed.

Rex then starts to laugh

Rex : That's where your wrong *Rex then opens his eyes*, My eyes are useless to me due to the fact I'm blind.
BlueDude : Your blind but you know my movements?
Rex : I can feel your energy, your aura, you can't hide it well, it just flows out of you. Due to that I can sense your aura and stop your attack.
BlueDude : Lets see about that.

BlueDude charges and throws a barrage of attacks at Rex which all miss, BlueDude then swings his sword, Rex grabs it and breaks it.

Rex : If your the best to offer, you not even a warm up to me. Now die.

Rex grabs BlueDude by the head, Rex's hand then starts to glow, admitting tons of pressure and heat on BlueDude's skull, then throws his to the wall and kicks him destroying the entire wall and most of BlueDude's bones around his chest. BlueDude lays on the ground and Rex puts his foot on BlueDude, feeling hes still alive but barley, most of his aura is gone or has stopped flowing.

Rex : Sad, I was hoping for more but instead I got a big let down. Why can't you be that man who stopped me from destroying Earth, he had true talent unlike you... Hm... whats this?

The aura that surrounded BlueDude was back, but even greater then before.

BlueDude : Get... Off!!!!

BlueDude grabs Rex's leg and threw him across the room. Rex is impressed to see such a dramatic change but still feels let down.

Rex : Holding back I see. Well throw everything at me, I'll win no matter what... Hey... I'll kill you and everyone who gets in my way, Man, Women, Child, everyone.

A burst of rage fills BlueDude's eyes and Aura, Rex seems to have hit a nerve within BlueDude.

BlueDude : I'll stop you here Rex. You was the strongest in the Universe but now I'm taking that title away from you!

BlueDude lunges forward at Rex, however Rex dodges the attack causing BlueDude to hit the wall, but something new happened, instead of not doing a single thing to the wall, the entire wall collapse.

Rex : I see, your stronger then what appears. Knocking down one of my walls isn't easy, as till now I have been the only one to do so. BlueDude, where do you get this strength, you wasn't this strong a little while ago.

BlueDude then pulls out his broken sword, the fragments of the sword get put back to place, repairing the sword, the Sword is admitting the same aura BlueDude is.

BlueDude : I get my strength from my Hopes and Dreams, I won't lose, not here, not ever!
Rex : Hmph, Well bring it if you can handle my strength!

After the dynamic BlueDude came out victorious. At the end of the fight, BlueDude walked over to Rex and then sat down beside him, BlueDude stuck out his right hand, which started to glow, Rex felt as if it was his time to die. A blue sphere wrapped around Rex's head for about a few seconds then disappeared, BlueDude then got up and started to walked away.

Rex : Aren't.... you going to.... kill me...
BlueDude : No, actually I'm giving you something that could possible help you in the future.
Rex : What... is that?
BlueDude : Your sight.... Rex... I hope one day we can fight side by side together as not only allies but as friends....

BlueDude then turns around and once again walks to Rex, but this time picks him up and starts to leave Rex's castle while holding Rex.

Rex : What... are you... doing now?
BlueDude : I can't just let you die there, if we hope to become friends and for you to get your sight back right?
Rex : *puts on a smile* you fool....
BlueDude : However... after your wounds are healed, you will be placed in jail for a period of time.
Rex : I've... lost my first.... fight.... and I'm shown.... mercy to.... BlueDude... just who are you....
BlueDude : I'm BlueDude, Hero of the People.
Rex : *looks at BlueDude and sees wings behind BlueDude that wasn't there before but then vanishes as fast as they appeared, then Rex closes his eyes*


As time went on, Rex was freed and joined BlueDude's army and known as the third strongest warrior in all of the Outer world, with Malik as second and BlueDude as first. Rex was also known as BlueDude's wings, guiding BlueDude, protecting him, supporting BlueDude in every shape and way, as well as remaining loyal to the end. Rex's more common nickname was The Phoenix due to when his Angel wings were ripped out by his brother Hex, new wings that resembled a Phoenix covered in it's glorious ember that burned that land sprouted, giving him new powers and strength such as his body to be covered in fire, a miniature sun forming in between his wings, and to turn the sun in a shield and weapon, also able to turn into a Giant Phoenix himself. Rex is not to fond of weapons, he mainly uses his hands and powers to fight but when the time strikes him he will use a special weapon called Alpha, It starts off as a sword, the hilt of the sword the stretches out a distance and on the end of the hilt is a blade of a Scythe. Rex barley uses it but when he does, it seems to be fatal since such a weapon doesn't exist. Rex due to the power of the Phoenix is never able to die and his wounds are always the first to heal, The only time he needed someone to heal his wounds was when he lost his first battle to BlueDude.


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BlueDude Vs Rex the Tyrant
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