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 The Sad Tale of Flame The Phoenix. The Voice

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PostSubject: The Sad Tale of Flame The Phoenix. The Voice   Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:32 pm

Voice : Please... Flame... I... Need... Your... Help...

Flame awakes from his sleep. He then stands up and looks outside of the window and looks at the Moon.

Flame : Man... That voice... why must it haunt me every year, year after year always on the same day, My birthday and the day of the Festival... Why do I feel so... Sad when I hear that voice... I don't know who is saying it but I know he needs my help... Who or what is this voice in my head.... Flame starts to laugh I keep asking myself this Year after Year, hopefully this will be the last time I hear that voice in my dream, and besides today I finally entered in the best part of the Festival, the Fight... Yet I'm also a little afraid, my first opponent is non other then YellowDude the one who brought Peace to the Universe.

The door to Flame's room opens. It was Rex, Flame's father, who came up to check on how his son was doing. Rex walks to Flame's side and looks at the moon with Flame.

Rex : I had a feeling you would still be up, you must be really excited then, cause normally you try to sleep the day away.

Flame : Of course I'm excited! My first year entered in the Universal Peace Festival Fight... But... that's not why I'm awake... The Voice in my dreams... I wonder who it is... He sound like he needs help.

Rex : The Voice is still bothering you? I thought you moved past that, well that doesn't matter right now, its midnight. Oh and hey you might meet this person who is asking you for help so much. Well, just get some sleep, your going to need it if your going to be facing YellowDude.

Flame : Laughs Yea I guess your right. Rex walks out of Flame's room closing the door behind him YellowDude, Why do I feel that... Your not who everyone claims you are... Uh... Now I'm just talking nonsense, I must be really tired. I guess I will go back to sleep.Flame gets in his bed and starts to close his eyes slowly Yellow... get ready... we both know... today will be the first time in years that you had a worthy opponent.Flame's eyes closes completely, Flame then goes to sleep

Voice : Flame... I'm sorry... Please Forgive me....

Flame opens his eyes to see the sun is out. He then gets dressed and then jumps out of his window flying towards to the Stadium

Flame : That's weird... For the first time The Voice didn't ask for help... But he said hes sorry... but what for... Well I hope when we finally meet we can be friends.

Flame lands in the middle of the stadium then walks to the right where hes suppose to be. When Flame gets to his side he looks across the Stadium and sees YellowDude who has been waiting for him to get there

Flame : HEY YELLOW! Yellow looks at Flame with a confused look DON'T HOLD BACK, IT WOULDN'T BE A FAIR FIGHT... FOR YOU THAT IS!

Yellow Starts to laugh then got ready, same as Flame. Rex then appears above the Stadium and then announces

Rex : Everyone this is the moment you have been waiting for! The Bringer of Peace, The one and only Legendary Angel YellowDude Versus My Own Son, The Legendary Phoenix Who's Flames Can't Be Touched, Flame The Phoenix. May the fight.... BEGIN!

Flame and Yellow then charge for each other at blinding speeds, neither of them holding back, hoping to have an exciting fight between each other. However even though this was happening Flame had his mind on The Voice and why did he say he was sorry.


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The Sad Tale of Flame The Phoenix. The Voice
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