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 Jimmy chapter 7:the lonley torchic

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PostSubject: Jimmy chapter 7:the lonley torchic   Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:41 am

Chapter 7:Green path and the forgotten torchic

The name of the route (green path) say`s it all there is a narrow walk way with massive grassy feilds on each side.Jimmy quickly spots a few wild pokemon that catch his attention.Tasha and jimmy are excited about this route because it will give them their first chance at wild pokemon,training and for tasha a chance to work on some contest moves.A wild zangoose darts past and jimmy gives chase but looses it when a shinx grabs his attention its not startting off to well for him.Tasha on the other hand notices a small pond and goes to see if she can find any pokemon that could be useful.on her way to the pond she catches a roggenrola but at the pond nothing really shows just some basic pokemon a psyduck quilfish and a wooper.finally tasha see`s somthing that grabs her attention its a totodile.

Tasha:go zorua! use bite *chomps down on totodile
toto Dile! *bites zorua back
Tasha: use bark out
*totodile takes heavy damage*
Tasha:its a good thing i bought this at the market *throws dive ball*
*shake shake ding*
Tasha:awsome i caught a totodile!!!! come on out buddy
Totodile: Dile?
Tasha:welcome to the team here you could use some healing *uses super potion* so buddy do you want a nickname?
Totodile: dile totodile!! *nods head*
Tasha:hmmm your nickname is bambam
BamBam:dile!!! *jumps up and down doing his version of the shuffle*
Tasha:return! we should head back jimmy will be looking for us soon.

In the meantime jimmy is still chaseing pokemon he managed to catch a taillow and takes in a abandoned torchic left by its trainer on a rock.jimmy notices a suspicious trainer approching tasha and rushes over to find out whats going on.
Suspicious trainer:hey little girl i challenge you to a battle.
Tasha:huh? you talking to me?
Trainer:yeah your the only one around
Tasha:Uggghhhh im kinda in the middle of practiceing for the next pokemon contest.maybe my friend will battle you hes more into that.
Trainer:you have no option we are battleing and if you loose i get your pokemon.
Jimmy:*Cough cough* Excuse me what did you just say?
Trainer:i wasnt talking to you but i have challenged this little girl to a battle and she has no option but to battle and if she looses i get her pokemon. now get lost kid.
Jimmy:hahaha really now who put you in charge? ya know what ill accept your challenge in place of tasha, and if i win you have to release your pokemon into the wild and you are forbidden to ever own or consider catching another pokemon.
Trainer:HAHA alright lets get it started. your pokemon are mine little kid.go toxicroak
Jimmy:we`ll see about that.its a good thing i caught you not long ago go Blaze!!
Blaze: Torrr chic!!!
Tasha:aww its so cute!! where did you get a torchic?
Blaze: toorrrrccchhhiiicccc!!!!!! *Gives tasha evil stare*
Tasha:whoa sry your a tough guy huh?
Jimmy:some jerk trainer abandoned it. Blaze use ember *attack does quality damage and causes side effect of burn*
Trainer:Use cross poison toxicroak. *attack hits weak spot does good damage blaze is poisoned*
both pokemon get hurt after end of turn.
suddenly jimmy`s egg starts glowing white and shakeing
Jimmy:oh now why does it have to happen now
Tasha:dont worry about it ill take care of the egg till its about to hatch.
Jimmy:thanks. Blaze use ember again then follow it up with peck
Trainer:intercept with cross poison. *sends torchic flying into tree*
Jimmy:darn it!!
*Blaze begins glowing white*
Jimmy:can it be?
Trainer:oh no. hurry toxicroak use brick break
*torchic succesfully evolved into combusken*
Blaze: Com combusken *proud of its new power*
Jimmy:dodge that brick break blaze. use ember after dodgeing.
Blaze:Busken *attack does alot of damage*
suspicious trainer uses super potion on toxicroak
Blaze:learns and uses flamethrower *attack scorches toxicroak*
Toxicroak is unable to battle.
Trainer:Darn it. Go Gigalith
another suspicious trainer drops down next to the first trainer.
Trainer 2:go Dewott
Tasha:thats not fair go
pika pika pika pika pika pika pika *pikachu volttackles dewott and iron tails gigalith simultaniously*
Ash:now tasha and jimmy
Tasha and jimmy:blaze use flamethrower bambam aquatail
Ash:send em flying buddie use electroball
*the two suspisious trainers are sent blasting off* a echo can be heard- this isnt the last you`ll see of us.
Ash:you guys alright?
Tasha:yea thanks
Jimmy:yep good job blaze! awesome tasha you got a totodile where`d you find that little guy?
Tasha:i found some small pond hidden behind some trees,i caught a roggenrola to. what all did you catch?
Jimmy:i got a taillow and blaze..and i caught that trainer trying to steal your pokemon.
*everyone starts laughing*
Tasha:jimmy come here quick i think its about to hatch
Ash:cool i made it just in time to see what it is. (he knows what it is but acting like it dont)
Jimmy:come on be somthing rare!!!!
*Egg starts cracking*
Jimmy:awesome a pichu but its not its normal color?
Ash:oh cool its a pikachu colored pichu.thats rare
Jimmy:hey little guy welcome to the family would you like a nickname?
Pichu:shakes head no
Jimmy:alrighty then. beast brutus and toga come on out!
char charmander!!!
Tasha:come on out roggenrola bam bam zorua and chimmy
Roggen roggeennrola
ccchhiiiimmmm chaaarr!!
Ash:here take this it might help you guys but you need the first gym badge to use it *hands jimmy HM cut*
Jimmy:awesome thanks
Ash:no problem there are many more HM`s that you`ll need to fufill your journey.
Jimmy:darn so we have to collect items badges and pokemon thats to much
*ash and tasha fall to the ground laughing*
Jimmy:what im being serious we shouldn`t need a item to teach a pokemon a attack.
Ash:true,if your lucky you might catch or obtain a pokmeon that knows the needed hm moves
Jimmy:im not very lucky was chaseing a zangoose and shinx and lost both of them today.
Ash: that sucks but im out of here i have to get back to prof bark`s lab.
Jimmy,Tasha:see ya ash thanks for helping us.
Jimmy:so do you want to stop and eat its getting late.
Tasha:yea thats a good idea. i like cooking alot so ill prepare the food you go get the ingrediants needed

jimmy walks around trying to find the ingrediants needed for the meal tasha is goign to make.he quickly finds everything and returns to camp.After the duo eats dinner they play around with there pokemon for a bit and go to sleep for the night.They are close to sunshore city both are woundering if it will hold the same type of supprises green path did.

end of chapter 7.

Key note:New zombie hack and slash:lollipop chainsaw hitting PS3 and xbox systems. USA:june 12 japan:june 14 UK:june 15
Game rated M 17+ sry to u 13 yr olds lol

IGN lollipop chainsaw contest winner for real life juliet (main character of game) jessica nigri-now the face of the game-developer suda51..he made killer7.. the guy who produced slither helped with this games development aswell

-Baseball opening day countdown:30 Days
time till NHL playoff beard growing season:4-5weeks depending on grow rate of your beard Smile
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Jimmy chapter 7:the lonley torchic
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