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 Blue : Before the Test

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PostSubject: Blue : Before the Test   Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:19 pm

Blue who just turned 12, was sent on a task by his father BlueChaos, to go the the grave of BlueDude and get the Eternal Sword. Before Blue went to get the sword, he went to Malik to learn some things about BlueDude.

Blue : So Malik, tell me some things about this BlueDude guy.
Malik : BlueDude... he was the Legendary Blue Angel.
Blue : Tell me something I don't know, I mean like everyone knows that.
Malik : *hmp* Fine. Wanna know something everyone doesn't know, BlueDude can never die.
Blue : *has a confused face* Um, is your age getting to you or something? BlueDude is dead, why else am I going to his grave to get his Eternal Sword, I mean like maybe if your referring to the Sword as him then sure he can nev-
Malik : *cuts Blue off* I guess your father never told you. BlueDude can never die. Trust me, I'm the creator, I created BlueDude, I know what he can and can't do.
Blue : So tell me how is he alive as we speak?
Malik : His spirit, it wond-
Blue : *cuts Malik off* Spirits?! Oohhh sooo scared of a spirit. I think you lost your edge, no offense but I mean like your saying stuff about spirits. I think you don't even know what your saying yourself.
Malik : ... *punches Blue*
Blue : Ah.. what was that for?
Malik : Let me finish, his spirit wonders the Outer World and the Universe, If a time comes where the heroes can't handle the opponent there fighting, his spirit will manifest, and BlueDude will appear.
Blue : I'm lost, your saying BlueDude's spirit wonders around and if we need help he will come help us? If that is true how come he just isn't alive to just fight them off.
Malik : Cause, wherever BlueDude is, Death, Sorrow, and New Enemies appear. BlueDude rather be dead then stay in the living world, and cause more suffering for the people. Also he knew with his death the Universe would finally become peaceful.
Blue : I think I'm starting to understand but, your saying Hes nothing more then a spirit?
Malik : No at first he was alive, when he was 19 he confronted me for the first time, I went to hard on him and killed him, I then let his friends go knowing they could not hurt me, a year later BlueDude confronted me again, but this was at the time where he couldn't nor his girl friend Angel could bring anyone back to life, No one could a have brought him back to life besides me.
Blue : hold on?! You killed BlueDude, You was the first to kill him?!
Malik : Yes... I did, To this day I wonder what if he was still alive, he would probably be so much stronger then the spirit he uses.
Blue : Ok now back to the previous thing, BlueDude spends his time as a spirit cause hes scared of new enemies popping up?
Malik : Yes... BlueDude is a Blessed and Cursed Legendary Angel, Blessed cause he can never die and his power or strength will always rise, but Cursed by having more people die, more enemies pop up, and still having to fight for Peace. He only looks at the Curse though since it will only continue the fighting. I created BlueDude so he could..... never mind, That is for a different time and story.
Blue : You created him to kill you I know that, Blue Chaos told me.
Malik : That is only one part of it. BlueDude has a bigger purpose,
Blue : I'm lost again.
Malik : *Looks up* In this world there is still one force.... that will once again purge this land into chaos.... BlueDude I know, you know who I am talking about, him... Blue... Go, get the Eternal Sword!
Blue : Wait what was you talking about just there?
Malik : Do you want me to force you to make you go?
Blue : Fine. I'll go.

Blue then heads off to the grave of BlueDude, while Malik looks at the Universe.

Malik : BlueDude until we find out who he is, we will have to worry about another war breaking lose.....


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Blue : Before the Test
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