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 Rick's Lolen Adventure: Chapter 1 The Robbery

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Green Charizard

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PostSubject: Rick's Lolen Adventure: Chapter 1 The Robbery   Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:29 pm

Chapter 1

It had been a long ship ride. Rick was finally free to stretch his legs on the dry land. After stretching his legs Rick knew that it was time to let his Pokemon out to get some exercise. He would of let them out on the boat but Aggron would probably end up sinking the ship because of his massive weight and Charmander being the clumsy Pokemon he was probably would of fell off the boat.

Rick went and found a nice shady part of the forest just outside the city but before he could release his pokemon he heard someone yell "Hand over the Magmarizer"!

Rick rushed over to the noise to find two men. One was knocked down to the ground against a tree and was wearing a white lab coat. In front of him was a fainted Magenzone. The other man was standing wearing all black with the exception of a Magmar mask and in front of him was a Magmar.

Robber: I said hand over the magmarizer. If you don't I'll just have to have my Magmar use his fire punch on you instead of your weak little magenzone.

Scientist: I won't give it to you, I need it to help with my research on Item Evolution Sequence.

Robber: Unfortuantly for you I need it more so my Magmar can evolve. Then we can stop wasting our time stealing from pathetic people like you and start hitting bigger and much MUCH richer targets.

Magmar: (Chuckles)

Rick: I don't know what is going on here but I know it isn't good.

Both men turn their heads towards Rick and notice him standing their for the first time.

Robber: Stay out of this and I promise nothing bad will happen.

Scientist: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS ROBBING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robber: Stay quiet you!

Magmar uses a weak ember on the scientist.

Scientist: AHHHHHHH!

Rick: That's it! Go Aggron!

Aggron comes out of his pokeball and lets out a giant roar that cause the robber to lose his balance for a second.

Robber: Lets finish this quickly! Go Magmar!

Pokemon Match
The Magmar Robber
Trainer Rick

Robber: Magmar use Ember!

Magmar used an Ember attack (much stronger than the one used on the scientist) on Aggron. The ember hits Aggron hit in the middle of its chest but Aggron doesn't even seem to notice.

Rick: (A small smile comes upon his face) My turn! Aggron use Head Smash!

Aggron charges at Magmar with a powerful Head Smash. It hits Magmar dead on and instantly knocks the poor pokemon out cold.

Trainer Rick

Rick: I can see why you need the Magmarzier so badly (Poking Fun at the Robber).

Robber: I'll get my revenge! Trust me when I say this won't be the last you hear of The Great Magmar Robber! Return Magmar!

Magmar returns and the robber runs off faster than a Jolteon. The scientist gets up, returns magenzone to his pokeball, and turns toward Rick.

Scientist: Thank you for your help. My name is Professor Bark and I hope that you will come to my laboratory so I can give you a proper reward.

Rick: Sure lets go right now.

Prof. Bark: Great and On the way there I can tell you all about my research.

Prof.Bark and Rick start to head towards the lab while Prof.Bark rants about his research.



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PostSubject: Re: Rick's Lolen Adventure: Chapter 1 The Robbery   Sat Mar 17, 2012 5:25 am

Cool GC its a very good story ^^ I like the Sprites for the match- ups. Hope to see that in more of your storys.

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Rick's Lolen Adventure: Chapter 1 The Robbery
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